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The Website Is Dead! Or Is It?…

We get that you are smart – like most of our customers! You know the importance of being out there and being seen. But hey! Did you know that a website on average converts about 1% of your visitors? This is how usual online lead generation works if it’s not created with an intent to slay!

For the fun of it, let’s crunch some numbers quickly:

Suppose you find yourself a billboard ad in the right spot for your mortgage business – the price for which might easily be $20.000 a month. If it’s a good ad that magically appears as soon as the visitor thinks about getting a mortgage, you will see traffic coming to your website!

So, if you get about 1.000 visitors a month, you will generate 10 leads as per the 1% conversion rate. And guess how much you will hence be paying per lead? About $2.000!!

Let’s say you close about 50% – an above average closing rate. You will receive 5 applications, who then apply for a $250.000 mortgage.

After much hassle, at the end of the day, you get about $2.000 for each of those applications. At this point, your gross revenue will be $10.000, and your expenses will be $20.000 – not including costs for ad design and production of the poster.

In other words, not really what you’d refer to as a good investment… at least not at first glance, right?

Now Imagine if we could tweak the website to get a 5% conversion rate, how would those numbers look now?

For a 1.000 visitors, you would get 50 leads for the same amount of money on the ad. This would mean you are spending $400 per lead instead of the hefty $2.000.

If you still manage to close at 50%, you would have 25 new applications a month for the same money. Minus the ad expenses, that would leave you with a profit of approximately $30.000. Better?

That is the power of a well-built website and a killer funnel!

Plus, we do it differently! How?

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